Wedding PackagesWedding Packages


Paige Pearson Photography has three Wedding Packages available with a range of 2hrs, 6hrs and 8hrs of coverage.


Paige Pearson Photography doesn't set a photo limit on Wedding Packages.
Weddings are such a big day & we want to ensure all the unexpected, memorable moments are documented along with the rest of your big day!


Collection I & II include a Complimentary Engagement Session.
Engagement Sessions are the perfect way to help get comfortable in-front of the camera, feel comfortable and confident with me as your photographer AND you'll also have a beautiful picture for your Wedding invitations!



Can't find coverage to suit your needs? Don't worry, we also offer custom quotes!

1. Do you have questions?: Website - Paige Pearson Photography1. Do you have questions?: Website - Paige Pearson Photography