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When your Mum gazes lovingly into your eyes, she sees your soul and a lifetime of shared memories. Now you can capture the essence of your precious relationship in a photoshoot with Paige Pearson Photography.

Mum & Me Mini Sessions are the perfect way to capture beautiful photo's with your Mum, Grandma or a special someone you want to share Mothers Day with!

Paige Pearson Photography is offering Mum & Me Mini Photo Sessions in a beautiful outdoor bush locationon Saturday April 17th and Saturday May 1st.

On the day, there will be the opportunity to have your images taken with both set-ups, perfect for kids of all ages!

  • One setup is a cosy teepee with comfy cushions and an interactive book to read together, perfect for getting those interactive and happy photos with your young kids.
  • The other is an outdoor lounge chair, perfect for capturing intimate moments with your kids.

You will receive your images within 4 business days of your session. Giving you the opportunity to print your images, pop them in a frame & give a thoughtful and memorable Mothers Day gift!

Each session is 20 minutes full of cuddles, tickles and laughs! 

Lets capture your connection with beautiful images that can be cherish forever!


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