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As photographers, part of our job is to know what style of clothing can really flatter you for your session.

Firstly, what is a Session Style Guide?
A Session Style Guide is basically a clothing/style guide. A lot of photographers have a different style/vibe they encourage their clients to embrace for their session. This keeps their work consistent but also has their clients feeling confident and looking fly for their session.
Within a Session Style Guide can be a range of things. What style/clothing they suggest you wear, what styles and patterns to avoid, what footwear to opt for, tips and tricks, hairstyles/hair accessories and so on.


Personally, I know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be when you just can't find the right outfit. So when I started PPP, I ensured that I would have a Session Style Guide to give my clients to help them get an idea of what to wear, what to avoid as well as some tips & tricks.

In the Session Style Guide you will receive if you book a session with me, it goes in depth about what clothes look flattering on camera, what patterns to avoid, what hairstyles look gorgeous, what shoes to wear that would suit your location, tips and tricks on items of clothing as well as tips and tricks on how to feel prepared and ready to fully embrace your upcoming session!

The most important thing I always say to my clients is that comfort is key! You can wear stilettos and a tight dress and I will cheer you on as you rock that outfit! But you have to ask yourself.. Will I be comfortable? Will I spend the entire session adjusting straps, having restricted movement? Is it worth wearing some cute jeans and a t-shirt instead? 

Comfort is definitely key! I want you to embrace you! To wear jeans and a t-shirt, to wear a flowy, floral dress, to wear slacks and a dress shirt, to wear shorts and a plain t-shirt. Being you and being comfortable will allow you to feel free to move and laugh and be yourself. I want you to enjoy your session, not spend the whole time worrying about adjusting your outfit.

TIP: Imagine you are going to a nice pub lunch, what would you wear?


A Session Style Guide is so important for my clients. It really helps ease the pressure of how do I co-ordinate everyones outfits? What kind of style are we going for as a family unit? My partner wants to wear thongs, a singlet and khakis to our session but Im wearing a flowy dress? 
Everything is answered in the Session Style Guide. Taking away the stress and pressure helps make the process smoother and allows the excitement to take over!

Enjoying the excitement and connection during your session is by far the most important thing for your session! 


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