What Equipment Do I Use? - Paige Pearson Photography

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It's not often that the client or customer gets to see the equipment used to create the final product they get to take home. As photographers, half of what we use is right there with us at your session.

Professional photography gear is expensive. The thousands of dollars for gear, insurances, props, editing software, client management programs and much more. Especially for someone just opening their business, it can be quite daunting. 

I am a Nikon girl. I have only ever owned Nikon and love them!

At a session, I use my D750 with my 85mm. The 85mm allows me to prompt a natural, intimate moment and capture it without being up close and interrupting the moment.
I love emotion and those small, intimate moments that really show the connection. That's why the 85mm is my go to lens. Most of my favourite images have been taken with my 85mm.

If I'm not using the 85mm, I'm definitely using my 24-70mm. The 24-70mm allows me to get the wider shots, taking in you as well as showcasing the beautiful scenery of the location. 

Once home, I back my images up to my external hard drive and upload them to Lightroom. I go through and cull all the photos that are blurry, mid blink/eyes closer or multiples. While doing that I mark the ones I really love and definitely want to edit.

99% of the time, I don't edit the images straight away. I will take the rest of the day/the night to relax and edit previous sessions, organise upcoming days.
I do this because sometimes the excitement of the session can take over. I want to ensure I view and edit them with a clear mind and accurate to my editing style/capturing the emotion and connection.

Once I do my first round of edits, I go away for a few hours and come back and revisit them. I do this a few times as I want to ensure consistency and that I'm happy with the final product.

Final galleries are uploaded to the 'Client Galleries' section of my website. I organise the images the client will receive and then I upload the second gallery with the additional images that my clients can purchase. I like giving my clients the choice of purchasing additional images as the images in the second gallery can be just as special and important to them!


I like to keep things as easy as I can for myself and for my clients. Being upfront and open are important factors of how I run PPP. Being able to share my passion with my clients and giving them images they will cherish forever is something I will be always be overwhelmingly grateful for!


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