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September 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Over the last 18 months, I've come to love self portraits and they've been a huge factor in my self-love journey and part of my self care routine.


Getting to a place where you truly love yourself can seem so impossible. There will always be parts of us that we don't like or feel we need to "fix"... But, loving ourselves doesn't mean we are happy with every single thing about us. It's about accepting ourselves as we are. All the flaws, cellulite, double chin, our negative attitudes/responses... we acknowledge and accept it all. By accepting it, that doesn't mean we agree with it or we don't care... It's us acknowledging that we aren't perfect, we are flawed and we are human. It's acknowledging the areas for growth and putting in the effort and energy for that growth to be had.

It's taken a long time for me to be able to start accepting myself and acknowledging myself. In a deep and accurate way. By accepting and acknowledging, we become self-aware. And being self-aware is the key to growth.
How? Because we don't just acknowledge our positive traits and strengths, we also acknowledge our weaknesses and flaws and how our actions and responses can negatively impact others. If we are able to acknowledge and accept accountability, we are able to build those skills and take a more positive path.

For me, this started well before I started taking self-portraits. But self-portraits allowed me to look at the areas of my body I didn't like, or the weird expression on my face and feel grateful. I honestly never thought that would be possible as I've always had such a negative view of myself and body. Which, unfortunately, is so common!

Self-portraits for me are a time of reflection as well as fun. I get to wear something that makes me feel good, be outside and just run around and enjoy a feeling of freedom. Afterwards, I give myself some time to sit and reflect and feel grateful. 


Self-portraits don't have to be scary, they don't have to be extremely technical or have a massive, expensive set-up. They're about how you feel and seeing your body from different angles. That's the start of the journey to acknowledging and accepting ourselves. That's the start of the journey to becoming our best selves... I think that is priceless!


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