Before & After Editing - Paige Pearson Photography

September 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

A big part of photography is editing. The image taken can be altered in many ways to enhance the image or even make it completely different!

Personally, I use editing to enhance the colours and feeling of the image. Using presets is also a huge part of photography and editing. However, not every photographer uses presets. But using them helps photographers stick to a consistent editing style, which can and does become a huge part of their branding!

I've never really seen editing as a strong point for me. I struggled to understand it, find my own style and to actually do it at times. Even now, I still don't really have a consistent style and sometimes still struggle. But I'm human and I know that struggling is apart of my growth process.


There is something so exciting about seeing a before and after photo, especially as the creator of the beautiful image my clients get to keep forever!


Here are some of my favourite before and after edits!



Before & After 4Before & After 4 Before & After 1Before & After 1 Before & After 5Before & After 5 Before & After 2Before & After 2 Before & After 3Before & After 3 Before & After6Before & After6


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