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Maternity sessions were created for you to show off your bump, feel connected to your baby & get excited for their nearing arrival!

There is something about maternity sessions that makes my heart swell! They are one of a kind sessions and can be emotional. 
I always encourage my clients that if they're feeling emotional, show it! Being able to capture that emotion is apart of embracing your journey to parenthood. 



Here are my top 3 favourite prompts for the lovely parents to be!


1 - Wrap your hands around your belly, look down at it, think about your baby & how much you love them!

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2 - Drop one hand, pop a knee, have your little one snuggle up to you and rest their head on the side of your bump & use your other hand to hold them!

Rebecca Maternity3Rebecca Maternity3


3 - Stand facing each other, take a step to the side of her belly and rest your hands gently on her bump. Wrap your arms around his neck and rest your foreheads and noses together. Close your eyes and take some deep, calming synchronised breaths. 

Rebecca Maternity1Rebecca Maternity1



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