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Today's blog post is all about getting to know me!

As a photographer, the most important thing we can give our clients, is our trust. Let me introduce myself...


Hi, I'm Paige!

I'm a creative, nature loving chocaholic who loves connecting with new people. Building trust with my clients and followers is my ultimate goal. I want to capture the authentic, raw side of you that allows you to unapologetically tell your story.


While I love hearing all about you, here are 5 facts about me...


1) I am a total chocaholic! Cadbury Caramello is my weaknessssssss! Growing up, I always had a big sweet tooth. My Grandma used to let us have dessert and then dinner, it definitely didn't help my sweet tooth go away...

2) My family lives on a small property with a large handful of animals. We have dogs, cats, horses, chickens, roosters & ducks. Rosie is my girl, we are often out on bush walks and snuggling in the paddock.

3) I read a lot of books. As a teenager, reading was my escape. I could get lost in a book for hours! Often finishing books within a day or two of starting them. A friend in high school leant me a copy of a fantasy young adult novel when I was in year 7, I fell completely in love & never stopped! 
As I've grown into an adult, my taste has changed. I love a good romance novel and of course, autobiographies. There is always a type of emotion with words that is so different & beautiful.

4) I used to be a dancer. From a young primary school kid, I danced. I absolutely loved being creative and moving my body to music. It was so freeing! As I got older, I became a student teacher. Watching the young kids grow, make progress and embrace their passion for dance... That was such an amazing experience! Having a creative outlet has been always been such a huge part of my life, it's just taken many different forms over the years.

5) I'm the oldest of 3 siblings. I have a younger brother & sister. There are so many pro's and con's to being the oldest, but I would drop everything to help my brother and sister.


I'm just an average 24year old who has found her passion in life.

Capturing connections and emotions we share as humans is something I will never get tired of...


Let's get to know each other!
Tell me about you?



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