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All sessions are different, just like all couples are different. 

For my couple sessions, I send a pre-session questionnaire for the couple to fill out. This lets me get to know the dynamic of the couple a little better. Once I've looked through their answers, I compile a list of prompts that I think match the couple as well as a bunch that look so fun or emotional or make for a sweet moment! 
I use the Unscripted app for my prompts.


As a photographer, I love capturing close intimate moments. Here are my top 7 prompts for couples!


1 - Hold hands and go for a walk into the sunset and twirl each other as you go! Belinda&Blake2Belinda&Blake2


2 - Grab their neck/face, rest your foreheads and noses together. Now sync your breathing as you take some deep, calming breaths


3 - Whisper 3 things you love about them in their ear!

Yvonne & Brad-15Yvonne & Brad-15


4 - Lock your eyes onto each-other, grab them by the waistband of their jeans and pull them in really close as if you're going to kiss. Just as you're about to kiss, push them away.


5 - Stand facing opposite directions, one facing me. Grab their hand and interlock your fingers, grab their muscles and rest your temples together
Matt & Brett3Matt & Brett3www.paigepearson.com.au


6 - Straddle him, rest your foreheads together and give gentle eskimo kisses


7 - Wrap your arms around their neck, look at me. Partner close eyes, rest their head against their temple and grab waist.
David Extended Family2David Extended Family2




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