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If you're a photographer, like me, who loves taking photo's but struggles with blog posts. I feel you!

Blog posts can be where small business owners struggle and/or don't put a lot of effort as they don't see the point. I'm here to tell you that blog posts are a great way to boost your SEO and get potential clients to view your website, which is the ultimate goal of any business owner! 

Here's 7 blog post idea's for my fellow photographers!


1) Your most recent session - this is a pretty common one. Instead of just writing a short 3 sentence post and attaching the images. Write about the client, the location, how you felt. Grab the readers attention with a beautiful, in-depth experience of a photoshoot with you! Use your blog posts to appeal to your ideal clients!

2) Your top 5 locations - Do you have 5 favourite locations? Do you have more? Do you have on you absolutely LOVE? Blog about it! Describe the location, how you do your shoots there, why you shoot there, how it feels being there. There are so many beautiful hidden locations, let your clients know you know where they are & would love to have their shoot there. Clients may reach out & request a specific location as they loved the vibe you spoke about when at that location!

3) Editing Style/Before & Afters - Before and afters are popular on Instagram and TikTok right now, but why not also do it in a blog post? Explain why you edited the images this way. Was it a feeling? Is it a consistent editing style? If so, why did you choose this specific editing style? 

4) Tips & Tricks for a Specific Type of Photoshoot - If you are a family photographer, blog about the tips & tricks you've learned that save time and hassles! Everyone loves a time saving, stress avoiding hack. Do you send your clients a pre-session guide to help them prepare for their photoshoot? If so, blog about it too!

5) Upcoming Styled/Mini Sessions - Do you have upcoming Mini Sessions? Blog about what your plans are and why someone should book a session. There are so many awesome Mini Session Ideas around, why should they pick you? What makes your Mini's experience unique? Mini Sessions are a great way to gain new clients!
PPP has Fathers Day Mini Sessions coming soon... Stay tuned!

6) Prints/Products - Are you offering prints and products? Do you do IPS? Blog about why prints/products are an invaluable option. Do a blog post explaining why you do IPS, the process you go through with a client, what products you have available. Do you offer payment plans for the collections/products? Previous clients that have purchased products & their reviews/reactions to their products. There are so many ways to blog about your business practices!

7) Why Photography is Expensive - explaining why photographer charge what they do. Blog about the background work that has to be done, the expenses we have, the risks of a service based business & the slow season, why your time is valuable, how hard you have to work. Sometimes people see things at face value and because they don't understand the 'why', they say no. Explaining the 'why' can help you build trust with your clients by being open and honest.


Thinking of blog post ideas can be such a time consuming, pain in the butt. I totally understand! But taking the time to blog about your business and share your passion with potential clients is the best way to boost your business and book clients who value you!

Let's blog our hearts out & connect with our amazing clients and followers!


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