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July 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I used to HATE taking self portraits!

It was the idea of self-portraits and being inspired that I LOVED! But I always was extremely critical of every image & in the end, I would end up deleting all of them.

It wasn't until a few months ago that I really started to fully embrace & love each self portrait session. The first time I loved the process and the photo's, I was shocked. I couldn't believe that I actually loved a photo of myself that you could see my double chin, you could see pimples and my hair was oily and sticking up at a few weird angles. 

The reason I loved it? I looked happy! I looked like I was enjoying myself & truly happy. The feeling I got viewing that photo was overwhelming and I teared up. Now, I chase that feeling! To enjoy the process, to embrace myself & get some cool images out of it.


Last week, I did another self portrait session. I set up a black sheet and my tripod, put on a dress I felt cute in and blasted some music.
I lowered my shutter speed & danced around. It turned out to be so much fun & I really loved it! 

After a while of that, I put on a bodysuit that I bought recently. It's this beautiful burgundy red colour and it diagonally cuts across my chest. 
I pulled up a bar stool & repeated the process of posing, jamming out & playing with my hair.

There was something about this self portrait session. I felt so comfortable and happy. I didn't feel like I needed to rush or worry about what I looked like. It ended up being a two hour self portrait session on a Sunday evening. When I looked at the clock, I couldn't believe how long it had been!
These images are different to my usual images. They're softer, more feminine, I feel as if they show my strength & resilience.

I am definitely not 100% there, but I am starting to love myself and learn more about myself on a deeper level. There are so many people that tell us what to do and who to be and how to dress and how our body should look, especially as women. 


Here's to fighting the inner conflict & really embracing our true selves and loving every minute of being in front of the camera!


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