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One thing I have found recently that I love and that I'm good at it, is helping other small business owners create high quality content for their business social media accounts. 
I never thought that I would even consider taking business headshots and behind the scenes for other small business owners.... But here I am, doing just that!


When I was first starting out with my business, I had no idea what to post, how to post it, where to post it, what I should put as the caption, how to maximise engagement. Some days, I still struggle with this and guess what? It's a very common problem for small business owners!
We are expected to be experts in SEO, post multiple times a week to social media, update our websites weekly, stay updated on all algorithms of all different social media platforms, blog at least once a week, reply to enquiries ASAP and have a perfectly crafted yet personalised response to each enquiry... It's bloody exhausting!


Some times, I can't be bothered and I say 'screw it' and take the day off socials. Some times I wish I had someone who could do it for me. But, unfortunately, I am still in my first official year of business and it's not an option for me right now. But you know what? I'd love to support other small businesses with releasing some of that stress by providing them with high quality content for their socials.

Owning a small business can be overwhelming, isolating and frustrating multiple times over in a day. But it can also be so satisfying, ignite your passion and bring you ultimate joy! That's why supporting other small business owners is so important!


Recently, I have created my very own Social Media Content Packages. There are three packages, suitable for businesses of all sizes and needs. 
The packages include professional business headshots for your social media and website as well high quality social media content for regular updates! There's also a tips & tricks sheet of different caption ideas to post with your high quality content on your socials.


Getting in front of the camera can be extremely intimidating for some people, especially as a business owner, we are always behind the scenes, especially online. By getting front of the camera, getting some amazing headshot that represent you & your business, you are gaining the trust of your followers & potential clients.



Let's work together & get you some high quality content that shows off the amazing business you are running!




Are you a small business owner located in Newcastle, Hunter & Surrounds? 

Are you ready to post high quality content to your social media?


Click the image below for more info: 

Social Media Content Packages From - $250Social Media Content Packages From - $250



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