Adventures with Ivy - Paige Pearson Photography

July 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this month, Lizzie won a competition in my VIP Facebook Group. Lizzie decided that her 18 month old cattle dog pup, Ivy, would be the perfect model.

We decided to walk Ivy to the location, as we all know cattle dogs are full of so much energy! We hiked up a little hill to view the most beautiful golden sun setting in the distance.

Once at the top, Ivy couldn't stop moving! Running through the long grass and greeting some BMX riders passing through. We eventually managed to rope her in with treats and bubbles.

I had Lizzie stand down wind and blow the bubbles. As Lizzie was down wind, the bubbles blew towards me and as Ivy chased them, I managed to get some great shots!

I'm proud of the photo's of Ivy. The session started as quite a struggle and I really struggled to get good shots. But I stopped, took some breaths and problem solved by working with Ivy's high energy instead of against it.

On the way back home, Ivy jumped in every single mud puddle she seen. Cattle dogs blow my mind with how much energy they can still have even after an hour of non-stopping running!


The family absolutely LOVE the photos!



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