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June 16, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this week, I took myself outside, set up my tripod and took my own branding photos.

Your brand is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. You become your brands ambassador, as you are your brand (as cheesy and confusing as it sounds).
Honestly, your brand isn't as important at the very start of creating a business. It takes time to figure out what your brand is, what are your brand values, how do I want my brand to be received by potential clients, etc.
I still feel unsure about some of these things. Figuring out my 'brand' is definitely something I am still figuring out... We aren't always going to know straight away, and that's okay!


Branding images are photos of you, they represent you as a business owner and also represent your business. These allow your future clients to see the face behind the business. Being able to match those can be tricky but having some nice, professional looking images helps to ensure trust to your potential clients.

You really want your branding images should showcase your personality! These images should make people feel safe and eager to book you or buy your product!

Let's jump into my tips!

#1 - Research! Jump on to Google and take a look at what others in your industry have done with their headshots/branding images. I suggest saving those photos and creating a 'moodboard'. A moodboard is basically a collage of images that have a similar style. This helps you to visualise your ideas and narrow down to a style or 'vibe' that suit you & your business. 

#2 - Pick an outfit that you makes you feel confident! Choosing the right outfit in your branding images is important. You want to wear something that matches your personality, makes you feel confident but isn't too over the top or too bland. A great way to help narrow it down is to choose an outfit you would wear to an interview for this kind of job.

#3 - Pick a simple but comfortable location. This can be somewhere on your verandah, a local park, a brick building background etc. I always suggest a simple location where you stand out. If you choose a solid background, like a building, make sure you are standing a few metres away from the wall, you never want to be pressed against it!
It can feel a little awkward doing these photos, so a quiet/private location works best. This way you can really get into the swing of it and enjoy yourself!

#4 - Make sure your location has good lighting! Lighting is very important for photos! When looking for a location for your branding images, you want to be fully in even shade. Places like under a roof or covered verandah, under a large tree (make sure the shade is consistent & there aren't).
Take a few test shots at different locations can help to narrow down the best options and look for those perfectly shaded locations!

#5 - Incorporate your products into your session! If you have a product based business, get your amazing products into your branding images! You can this in many ways; your process of creating new ideas for products, you wearing your products, you performing a sale of your product etc.
This puts trust into your potential clients as they can see they are receiving quality products. Plus a cool behind the scenes snapshot of your business and products!

#6 - Download Lightroom Mobile app! This is a photo editing app. This can be a great and beneficial tool to really get the most out of your images. Using the LR app, you can fix or alter parts of your images such as; one image is a little dark or you want to add a bit of a warm feeling to your images.

#7 - Play music! Music helps us to get out of our heads and lose some of the tension held in our bodies. So grab your phone and blast some of your favourite music. Groove around while you get ready and have fun with it!

I can't wait to see your beautiful branding images! Here's mine....


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