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June 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Being a younger woman, trying to open a business in an extremely saturated industry is damn hard!

Photographers range from being extremely nasty and self righteous to overwhelmingly supportive and kind! Unfortunately, I encountered more selfish photographers than kind ones when I was a beginner photographer. These interactions alone made me doubt whether this was the industry I wanted to go into, if that's how I would turn out to be.

After many negative experiences, I found a small handful of photographers who were so kind, supportive & welcoming. I was lucky enough to be mentored by two very different photographers & the lessons I learned from them both have been invaluable in my growth as a person and as a photographer. 

From one, I learnt more about how to photograph families. The behind the scenes set-ups & interactions, how to prep the clients for the shots, how to be personable as a photographer, what kind of locations look good & the kind of lighting to look for. I learnt how to make photographer friends!

From the other, I became a second shooter for at weddings and elopements. I learnt where to stand, how to get the shots, what to expect on a wedding day, how to interact with the Bride & Groom, how to prepare & adjust to different lighting situations.
I also learnt how to start charging for my services & how to price myself appropriately. How to maintain a website, editing tips & tricks, responding to enquiries and so so so much more.


Those negative experiences shook me and made me doubt myself & my journey to have career in photography. So, from those positive experiences, I have vowed to always be kind, supportive, helpful & welcoming to photographers I interact with.
Photography is something I love & if someone else loves it too, I want us to share the passion & excitement together! Whether they have been a photographer for 20+ years or 20 days, we share the love for photography & one thing in common is all we need to create a friendship.


There's a saying in the photography world, "Community over Competition". I stand by this motto. Let's build each other up, encourage & support each other because we are all doing freaking awesome & sometimes we need to hear that we are...



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