Self Portraits: Putting My Insecurities on Display - Paige Pearson Photography

May 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Last week, I decided to pull out my camera and take some self-portraits. I've always been anxious to do this as like a lot of other humans, I struggle to see myself as attractive or beautiful.
Double-chins run in my family. I have a double-chin, which I've had ever since I was a teenager. It's always been one of my biggest insecurities. I learnt what angle to take selfies from so that you couldn't see it, how to angle my head when posing for group photos... It's mentally exhausting!

Recently, I've been sick of feeling like it's a flaw and that it makes me any less of a person because I have it. So, I decided to tackle it head on last week with an impromptu self portrait session. I pulled out a chair, set-up my tripod and lighting, set my focus and self-timer, played some loud music and rolled with it.
Slowly, I'm learning to embrace it. I love these images! I look like I'm having so much fun & I know I don't give a flying shoot about my double-chin. THAT is what makes me love these photos and encourages me to continue on the journey to love myself!

Nobody is perfect, we all have our insecurities. We see celebrities and influencers on TV, on social media and in magazines who look flawless and seem to have this perfect life. But they have insecurities too! 
We are all human, we all dislike things about ourselves. Some people hide their insecurities, but others take control of them by talking about them. Everyone has a different coping process.

Regardless of our insecurities.... we are all beautiful. We all have people in our lives that love us, that think we are beautiful and want to see us succeed. 

Let's share our insecurities & spread love to those who do, because being apart of a supportive community is far better than feeling as though you have to do it alone!

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