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November 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When I told family and friends I was starting a part-time photography business, I got majority of negative responses and people not believing I'd make it. 

It really hurt and affected my mindset and approach to my business in the first few months. I was told I shouldn't be charging X amount, that my work was eh, that they wouldn't pay for my photo's, that my business was on the short track to turning to shit...
All of that came from my family... 

You know what I did? I cried, a lot... and I got angry. 

I had a lot of questions run through my mind... Who did they think they were? How do they know what it takes to be a successful photographer? Have they ever run a business? How dare they criticise me for trying to chase my passion?

For a long time, I held on to a lot of resentment and anger, sometimes I still feel it. Why? Because they still don't believe in me. 

It took a lot of strength and seeking advice and friendships with like-minded people, but now... I don't care what they say 99% of the time. I know I have what it takes to be a successful photographer. It takes time and hard-work, I know that. But everyone starts somewhere, always. Every photographer looks back at their old work and cringes... That shows the growth, the hard-work, the passion, the persistence, the drive... That's pretty freakin' awesome!

When it comes to pushing comfort zones and boundaries... A lot of people don't have the guts to do it. They are too afraid to break societal mental blocks of staying between the lines and never reaching their full potential, or even wanting to understand it.

I'm continuing to push those boundaries and work through my mental blocks and build a beautiful life chasing my passion.
And guess what? I don't care what they say, do or how they speak of me. Why? Because it says more about their mental blocks and that is their problem... Their problems won't affect my success. 

I am so excited to continue growing and learning and building my dream life, photographing smiling faces! 


There will always be people who don't believe in us, talk negatively about us/our goals and make us feel as though we are attempting the impossible... 
Fuck 'em! You can do this, you are enough, you are capable and you will be successful. Embrace your journey and share your journey. The laughs, the fails, the tears, the successes, the overwhelming love... All of it!



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