First Session After Covid Lockdown - Paige Pearson Photography

November 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Lockdown restrictions were eased on October 11th for those fully vaccinated.

I'm super excited to be back shooting! My first session back was an outdoor fashion and boudoir session with Kirra. 

We organised a golden hour session in one of my favourite bush locations. The golden light was absolutely stunning, the way it bounced off Kirra's hair had us absolutely ecstatic and hyped up! 

We started with her skirt and sleeved bodysuit, the movement of the sleeves on the bodysuit was so flowy and gorgeous. As Kirra moved the sleeves, the light hit the glitter in the sleeves and ahh, I loved it!

We then moved on to a red lingerie set that Kirra purchased from Brasby's ( Brasby's is an amazing, inclusive lingerie company who produce some really bomb sets! I was super excited to shoot Kirra feeling so confident and sexy in her Brasby's set.
As we shot, the golden light bounced off Kirra's hair and got us so excited! 

We moved on to the second set, which is a lacy lime green one piece. As we shot, Kirra said she felt so comfortable and excited. I was too!

The session flowed so well and I honestly could not wait to get home and edit!
It didn't take me long to find my editing flow & I am still absolutely so in-love with these photos! 


I'm so excited to be back doing sessions & being able share these gorgeous pics from my session with Kirra!


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