My Favourite Beach Location - Paige Pearson Photography

October 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Photographers always have a favourite type of location, mine is definitely the beach!
There is something so calm and carefree about being barefoot in the sand and being silly while the sun sets. Those are the feelings I want my clients to experience! 

I've tried a few different beach locations, but there is something about Redhead Beach that I LOVE! 
There is a bit of variety in the location. The sand dunes, beach among the waves/along the shoreline, the large rocky wall of the Bluff, there is a small creek, there is also a bunch of greenery, but the best part... The sun sets perfectly behind the sand dunes and the sky gets this beautiful colourful glow. It is a golden hour that I cannot compare to another location!


Here are some of my favourite photo's from sessions I've had at Redhead Beach!

Belinda&Blake2Belinda&Blake2 Yvonne & Brad-15Yvonne & Brad-15


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