How to Choose a Location - Paige Pearson Photography

October 18, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Choosing a location can be difficult. You want to make sure it's the right vibe you're looking for, that you feel comfortable and you will be able to enjoy your session.

In my pre-session questionnaire, I ask what style of location you would prefer... My options are Bush, Beach, City, Your Home and I don't mind!
My most popular locations are beach and bush. These are both calm and beautiful outdoor spaces for my clients to be themselves and embrace the excitement of their session!


These three questions seem simple but they are important. Ask yourself:

1- What type of location do I find myself in/around the most?

2- What type of location makes me feel calm, safe and happy?

3- What type of location would I want in the background of my images?


If you feel anxious and dislike being in a busy town, that definitely takes it off the list. If you struggle to walk on uneven ground or get super itchy by long grass, a bush location may not be ideal. If you feel calm, happy and carefree at the beach, that is a great indicator that the beach may the best location!


Everyone has a different preference and comfort level for different locations. Your session is all about you feeling calm and happy and embracing all the excitement and emotions that come with the experience.

Next time you have a photoshoot, ask yourself these three questions!


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