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Family sessions can be a stressful & hectic outing, especially with young kids. As your photographer, I have a flow and some tips & tricks to help make this as easy as possible for you!

The first thing people worry about when it comes to family sessions is "what do we wear!". Don't worry, I've got you covered! All my clients receive a Welcome Guide & Session Style Guide at time of booking. The Session Style Guide goes into detail about what looks best on camera & how to co-ordinate everyones outfits.
It also runs through some tips & tricks on how to be prepared for your session. Such as organising and separating everyone's outfits a few days prior to your session. Every had that dreaded feeling when you go to select an outfit from your kids cupboard and it turns out they've worn it and it is filthy? This trick helps you tie everyones outfits together without the stress of selecting them right before your session. One less stress for you!


A lot of the time, parents worry about their kids running amuck/misbehaving during their session. Parents initial reaction is to firmly correct them and attempt to forcibly get them to behave. 
By doing this, it creates a lot more resistance and tension and stress to your session. My #1 rule for family sessions is if the kids want to run amuck, let them! They're kids & I want to capture their wild, adventurous personalities. This prevents parents & kids from getting more stressed and frustrated, which ultimately makes your session much more enjoyable!


For families with young bubs or kids, having a happy tummy can help keep them energised and actively listening during the session. This goes for every member but especially with young bubs and kids, this can be a super simple trick for a positive experience.


If you need to use a little bribery to keep your kids engaged, be sure to keep me in the loop! I am here to capture your family unit, not to judge you. If bribery helps us to capture your kids, that's okay!



Each family is unique and have different expectations/boundaries regarding their kids. As your photographer, being aware of these is super helpful in regards to my approach to your session. I want to ensure everyone has a fun and positive experience during your session. Family sessions are all about laughing, snuggling and embracing each-other. 

Are you ready to capture your family unit in all it's craziness? Click here to enquire/book!


Here are some of my favourite family sessions!

Tammy Family Session7Tammy Family Session7 Moate - Mothers Day4Moate - Mothers Day4
Alison Family3Alison Family3 Court&Louise2Court&Louise2
Tammy Family Session4Tammy Family Session4 David Extended Family3David Extended Family3 Tammy Family Session3Tammy Family Session3 Joelene2Joelene2


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