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Manifestation has been around for a long time. But it has become very popular over the last 12 months. 

What is Manifestation?
Manifestation is based on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a belief that the thoughts we have can control the outcomes of things in our lives. It is said that we live 90-95% in our subconscious mind and only 5-10% in our conscious mind. If our subconscious mind is telling us we are not worthy, pointing out all our flaws and we are treating people in a negative way due to the way they live their life... We are subconsciously putting out negative waves into the Universe. Those negative waves aren't telling the Universe why they are that way or what you want. The waves are putting out negative energy so they are attracting negative energy.
How many times have you been running late to something, all the cars seem to be going to slow and you catch all the red lights? It makes you more frustrated and rush more! But why does this happen? Well because we are so focused on getting to our destination on time, we are focused on red lights, slow cars and barriers. So our subconscious mind is putting exactly those out into the Universe so the Universe is delivering those to you. Next time this happens. Get in the car, stop and take a deep breath. In your mind visualise a clear path and a calm energy. Maintain that calm energy and you will be surprised at how you are easily able to get to your destination on time without all the slow cars and red lights!


How someone Manifests is a personal decision. You can write it down, you can draw it, you can sit and envision it in your mind, you can tell people/speak it aloud. Personally, I have a Manifestation Journal I write down daily affirmations in and I also take 10minutes after writing them down to sit, close my eyes, take deep breaths and envision and feel the things I wish to Manifest. When envisioning and feeling, it is always recommended to envision you already have it and to feel the gratitude and emotions of having reached the goal of your Manifestation.
At the end of your Manifestations, always thank the Universe and show gratitude. This will help you to feel and be seen as deserving.

When Manifesting it is important to be very specific and consistent. If you are wanting $10,000 by a certain date to pay off a debt, manifest "I have successfully paid off my $10,000 credit card debt as of (insert date). Thankyou Universe! I am so grateful". 


Now, don't get me wrong, I don't believe that if I tell the Universe every day for 2 weeks that I will have $10million dollars by December 31st, 2021 that it will happen. Manifestation is the incorporation of working on yourself, working your ass and proving that you deserve it. When I say "The Universe", this is basically referring to your higher self and your subconscious mind. You are telling yourself that you are worthy, that you are capable and you will work hard to help these goals come true.
There has been a very negative and "hippie" outlook attached to Manifestation. I used to be one of those people! I'm not ashamed to say that I love Manifesting! Now that I understand that Manifesting is about personal growth and working hard, It has really allowed me to grow as a person, grow my business and really refine my goals and dreams. I truly believe I will surpass them and become my best self and live my dream life.


Here are 5 Ways I Manifest for my Business!

1- I have a Manifestation Journal. Every morning, I sit down at my desk, take some deep breaths and write down my affirmations and Manifestations. I have a few I use every day, I have a few long term goals on there and I have some that change. I will do them for a few days and then change. It is recommended to be consistent and specific with your Manifestations until they happen, as explained above. 

2- Envision and feel. This is the best way to visualise and get excited and feel grateful for your manifestations. This is different for each person. Personally, I love to do this after I have written in my Manifestation Journal. It's almost like a double dose of positivity and gratitude and acceptance.

3- Every night before going to sleep, I take a few minutes to say the things Im grateful for. By going to sleep on positive thoughts, our subconscious mind is sending positive waves into the Universe as we sleep.
 It can also be great to do when you wake up! Starting an ending your day on a positive note and showing your gratitude can help you to feel better and positively impact your day!

4- Before taking a call with a potential client, I will stop, take some breaths and manifest them at the end of their call booking me. This helps me get excited during the call and allows me to positively interact with the client and share my business with them.
We always want to be positive and fun and professional to our clients. We want them to be attracted to our personalities and ready to embrace working with us!

5- When things are slow, I always keep myself up to date and busy with behind the scenes business things. Such as blog posts, catching up on editing, learning new skills, looking for new resources and embracing growth. This shows the Universe that even though I am not "working", I am still working. That I am still passionate and driven and when the right clients come along, I will be ready to give them the best experience.


There are so many more ways you can manifest for yourself and your business. For now, here are some resources for Manifestation and business!

A great website for Manifestation - https://zannakeithley.com/2020/06/21/9-powerful-tools-to-create-your-future/?fbclid=IwAR2UjK2z9drjdNg3RxjvOgP980SUiZrI4GE0JFIXxram3yzG7e0y-mBVovY

A great book for Manifestation and Female Entrepreneurs -https://www.booktopia.com.au/get-rich-lucky-bitch--denise-duffield-thomas/book/9781788171335.html


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