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Hi there, I’m Paige!

A die-hard chocolate lover with a passion to grow in portrait photography!


I’ve found that I love photography because it gives me the chance to capture people and who they are at that moment in time. The images can become lifelong memories of all the different phases we go through as human beings. Yes, even the clothing choices and hairstyles we look back on and instantly cringe!


Learning photography allows me to interact with people I may not get to the opportunity to speak with in general life. Getting to know each of them and thinking about how I can portray their unique personalities in their images. Attempting to think creatively and cater that to each client is an important aspect to my journey of learning and pursuing photography.


When I am not the face behind the camera, you can find me rocking out to AC/DC in my car, taking dance classes at a local studio and caring for all the animals on my family’s small property.

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